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There will be an online engagement session for the proposed development at Lough Moss 3G pitch.

Virtual event: Thursday 13th Jan 2022
Time: 18:00


This website has been prepared by AECOM on behalf of the applicant, Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council (LCCC), to provide information and context surrounding the proposed development at Lough Moss Leisure Centre, Hillsborough Road, Carryduff, Co. Down, BT8 8HR. The proposed development involves:

• New replacement pitches, providing a new large floodlit 3G pitch
• Upgraded car parking facilities with additional parking facilities
• Required drainage and services to facilitate the proposals

The desired outcomes are about improving the health of everyone, giving them the best opportunity to live longer and healthier lives. The provision of multiple sporting opportunities in a community hub model will increase access to physical activity and opportunities for social interaction. This will lead to improved health and wellbeing and more cohesive local communities.

view of the pitch


Lough Moss Leisure Centre is located on the Hillsborough Road on the western side of Carryduff offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor sport and leisure activities for both adults and children.

Currently on the site, there is an extensive outdoor pitch offering including 3no. full size Association Football pitches, 1 small Gaelic training pitch and a full-size floodlit AstroTurf pitch used for hockey. Following an audit of the Council pitches, a Pitches Strategy was produced in March 2016. In this the Lough Moss Leisure Centre was identified as a potential location for developing 3G pitches across the council area, to better facilitate training and sports development programmes in association football and gaelic sports.

The site identified for the 3G pitch is the position of the current synthetic AstroTurf pitch. Furthermore, additional car parking is also included in the project along the existing access road into the Leisure Centre.


The project involves the construction of a new large floodlit 3G pitch at the location of the existing all-weather astro-turf pitch. The pitch can be used for various sporting activities. The project also includes the construction of additional car parking spaces.

The following objectives were identified in the proposal by LCCC.

• To assist in the growth and development of local sports clubs and groups through the provision of state-of-the-art facilities.
• To develop facilities that are attractive and relevant to the community.
• To assist in developing health and wellbeing opportunities.

The project is also included in the council Pitches Strategy in March 2016. Under Recommendation 1 from the Strategy the council aim is to “Develop a series of 3G pitches across the Council area at existing facilities, suitably sized and specified to better facilitate training and sports development programmes in association football, Gaelic sports and rugby.”

The pitch will be used by a range of users through its various capabilities. These include:

• Gaelic clubs (for example Carryduff GAC)
• Football clubs (for example Carryduff Colts and Carryduff Athletic FC)
• Local schools and community groups

view of the pitch


• 3G Pitch:
There will be a large floodlit 3G pitch suitable for Gaelic football (full size pitch) and soccer (2 cross pitches). This will allow this pitch to be versatile, meaning it can be used for various sporting activities. The pitch will also include associated spectator and ball stop fences and dugouts.

• Existing Car Park:
The existing car parking spaces has been reviewed and assessed to meet the new demand of a redevelopment site. This has been carried out by rearranging spaces to maximise the number available in the area and to include 5Nr.Electrical vehicle charging points along with additional coach parking.

• Overflow Car Park:
Overflow car parking will be provided on the ingress/egress road from the main car park. It is proposed to provide 17Nr. additional car parking spaces accessed directly off the access road.

• Floodlighting:
Floodlighting will be provided surrounding the pitch. This will be used to illuminate the outdoor pitch while an outdoor sports event is being held during low-light conditions. These lights will be operational during certain times of the day and will only be on when in use.

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